Is what it says!

The concept is simple:  Imagine a man and a woman watch a movie.  They may have watched the same movie, but they may have very different reactions—imagine that!  Now imagine they each imagine what would have been a better title for the movie, and what an honest poster for the movie would have looked like.  That’s He Said, She Said Movie Posters.

Yes, we were inspired by Hamlet with Animals and Nice Guy Finishes Last (“‘Honest’ Disney Movies”), and to a lesser extent by How It Should Have Ended.

Spoiler alert!


Click on any poster for the high-resolution version.


Please do comment on any of our posters with any thoughts you have!  But we reserve the right to block any comments we think are bullying or otherwise not playing fair.


Contact: hsssmovieposters
at: gmail dot com

Or feel free to use the “comments” form below.  Note that anything you put there may be publicly visible until we get a chance to read and clear it.

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